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Study in Hungary

Hungary, a landlocked country in Central Europe, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant history, and robust educational system. With its picturesque cities, affordable living costs, and high-quality education, Hungary has become an attractive destination for international students. This article delves into the key aspects of study in Hungary, from the educational system to living experiences.

The Hungarian Education System

study in hungary

Hungary boasts a diverse and comprehensive higher education system. It includes universities, colleges, and various research institutions offering a wide array of programs. The country is known for its strong emphasis on research and development, particularly in fields like medicine, engineering, and the sciences.

Types of Institutions

  1. Universities: These offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Prominent universities include Eötvös Loránd University, the University of Szeged, and Semmelweis University.
  2. Colleges: These focus on undergraduate and some graduate programs, often with a practical approach to education.
  3. Technical Institutes: Specialize in engineering, technology, and applied sciences, providing industry-oriented education.
Programs and Degrees

Hungarian universities offer a variety of programs in English, catering to international students. Popular fields include medicine, engineering, economics, and humanities. The degree structure follows the Bologna Process, with Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral programs.

Admission Process

study in hungary

The admission process varies depending on the institution and program. Generally, the steps include:

Required Documents for study in Hungary:

  • Completed university application
  • High school and college transcripts
  • ID card copy
  • Statement of purpose
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Language proficiency test results (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS)
  • Proof of sufficient financial resources
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Experience Letters (if any)

1.Entrance Exams: Some programs, particularly in medicine and engineering, require entrance exams.

2.Interview: Certain programs may also conduct interviews to assess candidates' suitability.

3.Visa Application: Once accepted into a program, apply for a student visa through the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate.

Visa Requirements for study in Hungary:

  • Acceptance into a Hungarian institution
  • Financial support
  • Passport
  • Health insurance
  • Language proficiency
  • Visa application
  • Police clearance certificate

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Study in Hungary offers relatively affordable tuition fees compared to Western Europe and North America. Fees vary by program and institution but generally range from €1,500 to €6,000 per year for undergraduate programs and €5,000 to €15,000 for postgraduate programs.


Various scholarships are available for international students, including:

  1. Stipendium Hungaricum: A government-funded scholarship covering tuition fees, accommodation, and a monthly stipend.
  2. Erasmus+: Provides financial support for students participating in exchange programs within Europe.
  3. Institution-specific Scholarships: Many universities offer their own scholarships based on academic merit or financial need.

Cost of Living

study in hungary

Hungary is known for its affordable cost of living. On average, students can expect to spend between €400 and €700 per month, covering accommodation, food, transportation, and other expenses making it convenient for students to study in Hungary.

  1. Accommodation: Options include university dormitories, private rentals, and shared apartments. Dormitories are the most affordable, ranging from €100 to €300 per month.
  2. Food: Monthly food expenses typically range from €100 to €150. Dining out is also relatively cheap, with a meal at an inexpensive restaurant costing around €5 to €10.
  3. Transportation: Hungary has an efficient public transportation system. A monthly student pass for public transport costs about €10 to €15.

Cultural and Social Life

study in hungary

Hungary offers a rich cultural experience with its historic cities, diverse cuisine, and vibrant festivals. Budapest, the capital, is a hub of cultural activities, with museums, theaters, and a lively nightlife.

  1. Festivals: Hungary hosts numerous festivals, such as the Budapest Spring Festival, Sziget Festival, and the Budapest Wine Festival.
  2. Historical Sites: The country is home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Buda Castle, Hortobágy National Park, and the Old Village of Hollókő.
  3. Student Life: Universities in Hungary have active student unions and offer various extracurricular activities, sports, and clubs, enhancing the overall student experience.


Studying in Hungary offers a unique blend of quality education, affordable living, and rich cultural experiences. With its welcoming environment and diverse opportunities, Hungary stands out as a prime destination for international students seeking both academic excellence and a memorable cultural journey.


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We are a Student Visa Consultants and provide Hungary Student Visa in just 9000 Euro budget, Admission in Bachelors and Masters Programs and apply in different Universities in Budapest. Every University has their own criteria. Being Capital of Hungary, there are many bigger opportunities for students in Hungary. Students can get many job opportunities there to afford their expenses during their studies. After completing their studies, they can either apply for higher studies or convert their visa into work visa if they get a sponsored job or a professional job.




It will be 4 years Bachelors’ program and 2 years Master’s program, so time period of visa validity depends upon years of study. After their graduation, students can get labour jobs as well as professional jobs. Only problem will be language barrier, so students need to learn Hungarian language if they want some professional job after their studies. Also, Students need to understand that many rules are renewed in Hungary, so they don’t allow foreigners for professional jobs mostly. And students will need to apply to other European countries like Germany, Italy, Netherlands for professional jobs.  As you’ve got European Degree so you won’t need any specific license exam to work in these countries. You only have to look farther and work on the country’s language in which you want to apply for job.

For example;

You are in your final year, and want to apply to Germany, start learning German language up to B1 level to get professional job. And with A1 you can get visa for Germany easily. You only need to find the right employers either through LinkedIn, Facebook job groups or pages, or indeed etc. Get in touch with the employers and they can make your entry much easy into Germany as there is youth shortage in Germany, they will definitely hire you. Also, you will not need separate license exams or spending too much money on getting licenses as you’ve got European degree.

Getting European degree, as in Hungary, you will get many opportunities as compared to having a local degree. Your degree will be more valued and after getting 3 to 5 years of experience, you can now apply for jobs in Canada, UK, Australia or USA. You can find ways to convert your European license into UK, Ireland, New Zealand or Australian license. You can explore many things. So, don’t waste your chance of getting Hungarian study visa.




20 hours per week work is allowed to students. But in delivery jobs, there is no limit and check and balance. So, you can do delivery jobs without any hustle.




  1. Passport (Passport must be valid until the end of your course)
  2. ID card copy
  3. 2 passport-size photos (not older than 3 months)
  4. Family Registration Certificate (FRC)
  5. Minimum Qualification:
  • For Bachelors; (60% marks in Intermediate)
  • For Masters; (60% marks in Bcahelors)
  • Gap From Last degree should be less than 2 years
  1. Experience Letters or Courses to cover the gap (if any)
  2. Sponsor Documents (Only Parents):
  • ID card copy
  • Affidavit (Rs.100 stamp paper)
  • Minimum Bank statement of 15000 euros
  • Account Maintenance Letter is required
  • Need to hold in bank until visa is issued
  • Last 6 months, counting from the date of your interview
  • Proof of income
  • Land registration sheet cannot be accepted as a liquid fund. Any proof of the regular income of your sponsor: job letter from his/her employer, salary slip (of the last 3 months), recommendation letter of the previous employers.
  • Business Registration Certificate (NTN)
  • 2 years tax returns
  • IN CASE OF RETIREMENT: pension letter with pension slips of the last 3 months.




  1. Dully filled and signed application form for residence permit and Appendix 14 – find it on the website of Immigration and Asylum Office of Hungary: http://www.bmbah.hu/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&layout=item&id=70&Itemid=824&lang=en#
  2. Flight booking
  3. Accommodation proof for the whole period of stay
  4. Valid insurance (just travel insurance, if general insurance will be provided by the university/college)
  5. Declaration of financial support from the family member (sponsor)
  6. Valid acceptance letter issued by the university/college
  7. ADHAR Card
  8. Birth Certificate in English with Apostille Attestation
  9. Clear character certificate issued by competent police department (Police Clearance Certificate)
  10. CV in English
  11. Signed motivation letter in English
  12. Certificate from your Study Consultant, if any
  13. Police report about lost passport, if any


NOTE: Sponsors can only be the parents. If the parents have died the statement can only be accepted by official guardian and official guardian should preferably be grandparents. They will need to show the Death Certificate to the Immigration Office.

If the spouse applies for the visa, that will be a short term visa which is basically treated differently at the Immigration Office.




The total expense for Japan Language Based Study Visa is 9000 Euros.

We’ll take 500 Euros to Initiate your application. Then after the admission approval remainder of the fee has to be paid to the University and visa process can then be started.

NOTE: All this fee is charged before applying visa.

  • Refundable Fee: 7950 EUR
  • Non- Refundable Fee:
  1. Registration+ enrollment fee : 200 EUR
  2. Administration fee: 200 EUR
  3. Visa assistance fee (only if the students used this service) : 150 EUR
  4. Consultation Charges: 500 EUR




The process is started by filling a University Application form. Then after analysing your documents, they’ll conduct an Interview.

  • In case of ART & DESIGN applications,  portfolio, CV and motivation letter are analysed prior to the online interview.
  • For BUSINESS AND TOURISM BSc programs’ applicants, the interview contains a 40-minutes-long mathematic test as well (more information will be provided later).
  • For INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BA applicants need to participate in a 30-minute-long discussion on topics related to the major.

We’ll apply for Embassy appointment after Selection from University, and within 2-3 weeks you’ll be interviewed there. They’ll issue visa within 1 week. Then you can book your tickets and travel within the valid dates of the visa.

NOTE: English proficiency test is not mandatory, however, they require Ielts band 5 to 6 level of English knowledge. Be well prepared for the interview as they’ll observe your language skills.  Also, they’ll inquire about your financial stability and your subject knowledge..

  • Make sure to thoroughly read all your documents so that you can tell relevant information.
  • We recommend you to match all the documents to ensure that you’ve mentioned same income and bank balance that corresponds to that income. Irrelevant documents lead to visa rejection.
  • Make sure to hold your amount in your bank until you get visa, otherwise you may face rejection.




  1. Graphic design
  2. Mass and media communication
  3. Tourism
  4. Catering
  5. Management
  6. Finance and accounting
  7. Marketing
  8. BBA, MBA




  1. We will write your statement of Purpose without additional charges.
  2. We will fill out your whole application for school and send your fee without additional charges.
  3. We will prepare your visa file without additional charges.
  4. We can process all paper printings without additional charges.
  5. We respect student’s time and financial problems; hence, we work our best to ensure visa approval.
  6. We offer 2 times visa processing on the same fee if got refused due to any reason.
  7. We assess all your documents and information and ensure that everything should correspond with each other and no documents seems illegal and unauthorized or fake.
  8. We work Legally and Follow all legal rules.
  9. Our Visa ratios are always positive because we work only for those visas which have a very low risk of 1% only and have high visa ratios.
  10. We Provide only Japan Study Visa and Hungary Study Visa.
  11. We have dealings with certain universities and so you don’t have to worry about your admission process at all.
  12. Early Bird Discount of 10% on 1st year Tution fees.
  13. We will guide you at each step of the process and help you with University’s and embassy interviews.
  14. We will provide you with all the main and important questions of the interviews.
  15. Accomodation is included in this package so you don’t need to worry about finding accomodation. It includes 750 EUR deposit fee and 260-380 EUR 1st month rental fee.
  16. We have 2 intakes FALL/ September Intake(Dec-June) and SPRING/ January intake (Aug-Nov).



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If you need any help regarding application process and got any query, feel free to contact us. We are your true companions and we respect our dignity.

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